Customs House Artist Series

Art Direction & Design

Customs House in Sydney (CHS) is a public space home to a library, bars, offices and Cafe Sydney. It is one of Sydney’s oldest heritage buildings, rich with history and a popular tourist destination. 


City of Sydney approached me to devise a campaign positioning CHS as a space welcome to all. With over a million people visiting Customs House every year, that’s a hell of a lot of different people to reach! So, I looked to audience segmentation to connect effectively with the right people, in the right way. These four groups became four opportunities to tailor messaging and tone more directly.


The commissioned artworks were strategically designed with our audience groups mind, unified by a single, recognisable element — the building itself. Each piece has singular impact, but as a collective, they speak to a welcoming, creative, social and calming space with something for everyone.


Client: City of Sydney

Artworks: Evie Cahir, Vincent Mahe, Bobby Clark, Simon Landrein 

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